The Tricky Business Of Predicting Where Media Will Go Next


“In 1992, Robert Kaiser, then managing editor of The Washington Post, attended a conference on the future of media and technology. He then wrote a memo to The Post’s publisher, sharing ideas about what a newspaper could look like online and how text and images would one day be shared via computers.

“The Post ought to be in the forefront of this — not for the adventure, but for important defensive purposes,” Kaiser wrote in 1992. “We’ll only defeat electronic competitors by playing their game better than they can play it.”

Though he had his warnings, Kaiser wrote that he could “find no one at this conference who would predict the demise of the newspaper. No one. All saw an important place for us.”

And so, Kaiser expected, “There’s a big and important role for The Washington Post in this new world.” But the revolution didn’t happen the way Kaiser had hoped.”

(e.d.The Washington Post Co. was sold to founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos on 2013,8,5.

source: The Tricky Business Of Predicting Where Media Will Go Next, NPR news, by NPR STAFF


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